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July 2020
12 Ways to Increase Sales in 2020

In these extremely challenging times, CEOs, presidents and business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve sales performance. The never ending need to increase sales is more critical today than ever. Additionally, to increase profits, make your company sellable in the future, and to increase the value of your business, 25% growth year over year is paramount.

Below are 12 critical ways to enhance sales performance and increase sales in 2020:

1. Sales Goals
Set monthly Sales Goals and review your Sales Goals at least monthly at sales meetings. Motivate your sales team by focusing on a quarterly sales bonus based on specific Sales Goals in your Sales Compensation Plan as a key factor in improving sales performance.

2. Sales Training
Sales process and closing skills must be at the center of your sales team's culture and training. Document and review your sales process in sales meetings and role play to improve your sales and closing techniques. Sales training is critical no matter how seasoned your sales team is.

3. Sales Pipeline
A high level of sales activity and a strong Sales Pipeline with qualified, targeted prospects is vital to your success. Train your sales team to seek out qualified prospects with a need, urgency and a budget. Avoid wasted time and money by focusing on qualified prospects only, in order to increase sales substantially.

4. Sales vs. Service
Be very aware of how much time your salespeople spend on follow-up customer service issues versus time selling new customers. Sales will increase when your salespeople focus their time on doing what they do best...selling. Establish Account Managers to service, upsell and cross-sell existing customers with the sales teams help to optimize your sales efforts.

5. Sales Metrics
You need to focus on a range of sales metrics: daily sales calls, weekly sales appointments/discovery calls and meetings, monthly proposal presentations, closed sales and sales goals vs. actual sales and more. Holding your salespeople accountable is a critical driver of sales. Focus on these items and you'll increase sales performance substantially.

6. Sales Presentations and Closing Deals
All salespeople should be able to recite your Elevator Pitch, fluidly present your sales Power Point presentation and discuss the benefits of your products and services. Each salesperson should properly and consistently conduct discovery meetings, sales presentations, proposal presentations and close deals. Role play at sales meetings on a monthly basis to perfect the sales process, sales presentations and closing techniques.

7. Overcoming Objections
Your sales team should be supplied with sharp answers to the most common sales objections they face every day. Overcoming objections can be the crown jewel of closing sales, so cover these in your sales meetings and before closing meetings with prospects.

8. Professional Trainer
Most "professional" salespeople have some sales experience, but have never had professional sales training. Improve sales by providing professional sales training to all sales people on-going. It is the constant tweaking of the golf swing by a golf pro/trainer that makes a great golfer.

9. Referrals 
Referrals improve sales and reduce the sales cycle so emphasize them in all sales meetings. Set monthly goals for referrals by sales representative and track the goals consistently. Institute a sales spiff for the most sales from referrals.

10. Post Mortem
Take time to learn how to improve sales when you lose out on a sales prospect. Also, take time to learn something when you win a sale. That knowledge is power. You need this information if you expect to improve your sales teams' performance. Input this information into your CRM and take ten minutes at weekly sales meetings to recap lost and won sales opportunities.

11. Sales Tools
Make sure your sales team has all the necessary tools to maximize sales, including professional brochures, sales presentations, testimonials, prospect lists in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) and other sales tools and materials. Your salespeople are the face of your company and a professional approach will increase sales substantially.

12. Effective Use of CRM
Train your sales team to properly use your CRM consistently to improve sales dramatically. Salespeople that improperly or inconsistently use your CRM software and neglect sales opportunities with reduced tracking, reporting and accountability will cost you a ton of money. Focus on A) Calls scheduled, B) Calls completed, C) Opportunities and D) Closed Sales and Dollar Amounts weekly in your sales meetings.

Sales success always goes to the team with the best sales management, training and sales skills. As growth consultants, CEO Advisor, Inc. focuses on building professional sales teams and optimizes sales results to increase its clients' sales, profits and value of the business. CEO Advisor, Inc. has the expertise, coupled with hands-on advice to help you plan, strategize, grow and succeed as a company.

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