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"As a CEO of a software company, I found the services offered by CEO Advisor very valuable in everyday work. By focusing on key components of the business, we were able to reach specific short term goals and aim the company forward. I would highly recommend their services to any business, not just software. Their model, experience, and thinking procedure can be very beneficial and key to success.”



Software Company

Business Advisory Services


CEO Advisor® provides custom business consulting, growth capital, mergers and acquisitions advisory services and turnaround expertise to CEOs, Presidents and small to mid-size business owners to meet your specific needs and grow your business to the next level.  By specializing in small to mid-size businesses, we focus on the growth, opportunities and challenges that you and your business encounter every day.  Our specialized expertise includes growth, growth capital, mergers and acquisitions advisory services - both buy-side and sell-side.


Our business and M&A advisory services are both affordable and effective to meet your specific needs. Whether you are growing your business organically, through acquisitions, or you are evaluating an exit by selling your company, we are your trusted advisor to lead you through the process.


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Service Offerings


CEO Advisor offers a range of business and M&A advisory services:

Business Planning/Forecasting

Strategy and Growth


Sales Management


Strategic Marketing & Planning


Funding/Finance & Operations


Sales Strategy & Channel Development


Cost Reductions & Restructuring


Growth Capital


Mergers & Acquisitions


Exit Strategy

Industries Served


CEO Advisor is a specialist in providing business consulting, growth capital and M&A advisory services to CEOs and owners of small to mid-size businesses.  We service a wide range of market segments by drawing from our depth of experience and expertise.  We have worked in the following markets and many others:


    Web Development         Hardware/Peripherals
Wireless     E-commerce         Online Marketing


    Sales/Distribution         Technology
Media Services     Professional Services         Manufacturing
Service Industries

    Engineering Services

        Many Others

Contact us today at (949) 629-2520 for a no cost, no obligation initial consultation.  By learning about your business needs, we can tailor our advisory services to drive your business forward, meet your challenges and goals, grow your business to the next level or meet your mergers and acquisitions needs.



"CEO Advisor® is a great way to gain a seasoned, trusted business advisor and be part of a dynamic process.  What I realized the most after taking on the services of CEO Advisor was that just because I knew my industry inside and out did not mean I knew how to grow my business profitably.  Before I hired Mark Hartsell I was growing my business, but not seeing any more money in my pocket. It almost seemed like I was running in place. My CEO Advisor helped me lay a foundation and create an immediate path to profitability. In a matter of months I was seeing an incredible velocity take place in my business. CEO Advisor helped me see opportunities that I never even dreamed of.


I can't believe how much money I was leaving on the table before CEO Advisor.  He showed me how to capture a lot more profit without expending more man-hours and capital.  The most exciting part is that I now have a very specific plan and forecast of my company's future. It looks very bright indeed. 


Thank you!"


CEO, Web Services Company